Energy Storage Solution

We provide resilient answers all around the storage of electrical energy

Take advantage of our consulting offer with detailed analysis, amortization, compensation and selection of the optimal energy storage system.

  • Analysis and optimal dimensions of storage systems with consideration of the individual load curves
  • Remuneration estimation in combined operation with peak capping and energy market participation
  • Financing
  • Questions about the legal situation regarding grid usage
  • Statutory UVEK charges
  • All steps to a successful energy storage operation

Storage systems without limits

The storage of electrical energy in electricity storage facilities offers new possibilities for the optimised use of energy from solar plants, wind and combined heat and power plants or for use in control energy and peak load capping. For control energy applications, we cooperate with established partners on the electricity market.

  • Charging through power grid, PV, wind and biogas plants
  • Optimisation of own consumption and electricity costs with intelligent software
  • Realisation of hybrid plants with different energy sources
  • Grid stabilization, peak load coverage and PRL applications

Best battery pack and components on the market

Independent selection of battery and component suppliers to ensure the optimum solution for each situation. Guaranteed lifetime with at least 10 years performance warranty.

Permanent remote viewing and management.

Remote monitoring and management module based on Alfen's extensive experience with electric vehicle chargers.

For all applications and environments

Experience with applications in load balancing, trading, frequency control and autonomous power grids. Worldwide customer base of utilities, grid operators, large and small power producers and traders, electric vehicle quick charging station providers and industrial manufacturing companies.

Energy Storage Made In Europe

Established development team with extensive experience in inverters, batteries, management software and supporting grid solutions.

Integration of the energy storage unit

The electricity storage systems always follow the same connection scheme, whether large or small. Concepts can therefore easily be duplicated. All our systems are wired ready for connection and can be installed by the customer himself. For more complex systems and medium-voltage technology, we accompany the customer from project planning through delivery of the components to system integration, installation and commissioning.

Artificial intelligence for maximum optimization

The dual mode of operation (covering peak loads and increasing the share of own consumption) results in the greatest possible reduction in electricity costs. The energy management software integrated in the neoom storage units controls the entire energy infrastructure intuitively and automatically. Consumers, producers and storage facilities are monitored and controlled in real time.

The most important function is smart energy management. Through artificial intelligence and continuous self-optimisation, a maximum reduction in electricity costs is achieved. If the energy demand changes over time, the expert system adapts automatically. The energy costs are sustainably reduced by the anticipatory and self-learning behaviour of the control algorithms.