Emergency power system in data center

Safe emergency power for critical applications

Battery storage for the energy transition

Combined heat and power units CHP for biogas, natural gas, hydrogen

Protection devices for medium and high voltage

Control & SCADA

We build smart energy systems

We support you in optimizing your energy consumption and ensure sustainable energy supply in your company. As proven experts, we offer you all-round consulting with added value. Take advantage of our expertise so that your contribution to the energy transition achieves maximum benefit.

42technologie AG Focuses

42technology AG

Our focus is on the production, storage, transmission and monitoring of electrical energy. We build and integrate energy systems such as combined heat and power plants, emergency power systems, battery storage and medium-voltage distribution systems, including state-of-the-art protection devices and associated control technology. With our control systems, we have been a major player for safe emergency power in data centers since 2004.


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