10-year-old Arcteq is growing and investing in Vaasa

Arcteq, which manufactures mains protection relays and arc protectors, will move Kivihaka to new premises. The 10-year-old company is growing rapidly and wants to invest in Vaasa. Where does success come from?

“Our biggest advantage is that we are independent as a relay manufacturer and are able to serve our customers with our own products. We have state-of-the-art technology and are growing steadily in all market areas. So we’re not that sensitive if something goes wrong somewhere in the world, ” says Robert Olander, Arcteq’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

The company just moved to Kivihaka to new, even bigger premises. The space is about 1,100 m², but can also be doubled if necessary.

As a growing company, we recruit the most engineers, but in the future there will be a great need for experts in various fields. The city has a really good engineering education, Olander says.

Arcteq's products are manufactured in Finland, and more than 90 percent are exported.

We already have a strong product portfolio, which ensures good growth, but in addition, new products will be launched in the autumn and next spring to seek completely new market openings.

Last year, Arcteq's net sales rose to 8 million euros, which means that the company grew by almost 40 percent. Almost as strong growth has been budgeted for this year. Olander estimates that the company will stay at the planned pace despite the interest rate.

Arcteq has offices in about 50 countries. The company's main markets are evenly distributed between the Nordic countries, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America and Asia.