Controls for emergency power and combined heat and power plants

The requirements for modern and efficient control solutions for emergency diesel generators, combined heat and power plants and hybrid systems are constantly increasing - and at lower costs. Our answer to this is highly integrated, decentralised solutions with distributed intelligence via CAN bus and customised remote monitoring systems. Our experience guarantees high system performance.

What distinguishes our controls?

  • Controls for continuous operation, parallel, block heating and hybrid systems
  • Simple configuration for standard routines and powerful PLC for high demands
  • Power and load management, power factor control, import/export control
  • CAN bus interface for all known engine management systems
  • Meets the grid connection criteria of most European countries (grid code)
  • Production standards according to ISO9001, EN61439 1-3, UL 508A / CSA
  • SCADA and remote monitoring solutions with high security standards

Why do you benefit?

We offer complete solutions from energy generation to distribution and protection with remote access tools at attractive conditions. Try us out!