All smartblocks are H2ready

Our smartblock series from KW Energie Germany is suitable for different fuels such as natural gas, liquid gas and biogas. In addition, KW Energie is conducting intensive research to also enable the use of hydrogen in the CHP units of the smartblock series. After corresponding adjustments and tests, the following applies with immediate effect: All smartblocks from 7.5 to 75 kWel are H2ready.

In order to investigate the resulting requirements for combined heat and power plants, KW Energie has already been conducting research and development since some time.

For this purpose, the properties of hydrogen such as energy content, combustion duration, ignition and knocking behavior had to be investigated and the engines had to be tested extensively for this purpose. Since hydrogen in principle enables combustion without CO2 emissions, it would be an ideal and environmentally friendly fuel. The only relevant emissions are nitrogen oxides, on which the focus should be directed.

Since it is not clear where and in what proportion hydrogen is added, admixtures of up to 40% were tested to investigate the effects on the efficiency of the engines in terms of power and heat generation. In result there were only very slight changes od of the efficiency found.

The tests have shown that our smartblock CHP units can cope with the admixture of hydrogen to natural gas in operation without any problems and that the performance is also comparable with pure natural gas operation. With the adaptation of our control system and the right exhaust gas aftertreatment, we can say that our smartblocks can be operated with hydrogen without any problems, i.e. they are H2ready.