ARCTEQ AQ-100LV product family

Arc flash protection could not be any safer or easier to approach than it is today. Arcteq has launched a new family of low-voltage arc protection products with standardized application schemes.

Many times Low Voltage has been underestimated, however in those applications the high currents are just waiting the wrong moment to kick in with hazardous impact.

Arcteq LV ARC family with the world class quenching unit has already proven its effectivity and will continue to keep the electrical equipment and personnel safer now also with the Low Voltage applications.

The new LV arc flash protection product line is from hardware point of view very similar to the original MV product line, but the functionality and standard arc schemes are optimised for the LV switchgear installations.

The fully re-usable AQ-1000 arc quenching device operates on triggering signal from the AQ 100LV arc flash relay and closes the three phases together creating a low impedance path for the fault current to flow. System voltages drops and fault is extinguished in 4 milliseconds from its initiation.

The AQ-1000 is currently the only device on the market that fully complies to the highest class as resettable AQD to newly released IEC 60947-9-1:2018 arc quenching device standard.




ARCTEQ AQ-101LV and AQ-102LV