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CHP for wastewater treatment plants

smartblock® CHP for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)

The use of a CHP unit in wastewater treatment plants allows optimum energy utilization of the resulting sewage gas. Especially on small municipal wastewater treatment plants, the energy efficiency of a CHP unit is superior to feeding gas into the natural gas network (see also VSA info sheet: Utilization of sewage gas - CHP or feeding?). Our CHP units offer an optimal solution for operation as a combined heat and power (CHP) plant. Thanks to standardized series production, the smartblock units are characterized by very low prime and operating costs. The control options offer various possibilities for the integration of the CHP unit. A complex and expensive superordinate control system can thus be avoided.

With smartblock 16 to smartblock 75, KW Energie's smartblock series forms a product range in the power segment up to 75kW electric, staggered according to demand. This corresponds to a sewage gas production of 100 - 700m3 per day.

High overall efficiency due to almost 100% utilization of waste heat
High electrical efficiency thanks to optimum combustion of the sewage gas
Low and simple maintenance with long maintenance intervals
Exhaust emissions that clearly meet the new LRV limits
Highest efficiency class A++
Safe operation due to powerful genset control with mains monitoring
Low noise emission

smartblock® s series as an emergency power system

At wastewater treatment plants, increased priority must be given to emergency power in the future. Public networks are becoming more and more vulnerable with regard to short- or long-term network failures. Mains backup power ensures that sewage treatment plant operations are maintained, minimizing the risk of damage to the plant and the environment. The smartblock CHP has an emergency power function that, in combination with a customized design of the junction box, can supply power to the main consumers of the wastewater treatment plant. When the grid returns, the CHP automatically synchronizes back to the grid without interruption.

Gas treatment

CHP units at wastewater treatment plants require gas treatment in order to avoid unnecessary damage caused by sulfur and siloxanes and thus increased maintenance effort on the gas engines and apparatus. For this purpose, 42technology offers ready-to-connect gas purification modules matched to the sewage gas volume and quality. The gas cleaning module usually consists of a gas cooling system for dehumidification, a gas pressure increase and, if necessary, a gas heating system. The dry gas is then filtered by means of activated carbon.

Gas cooling removes moisture from the sewage gas by keeping it below the dew point temperature. Condensate in downstream gas lines is avoided and suspended solids are separated. The activated carbon filter removes pollutants from the process gas, thus increasing operational reliability. The gas treatment module is permanently technically tight and manufactured in compliance with SVGW standards. Installation in a container is also possible. The sophisticated design allows easy handling and maintenance.

A control that can do a lot

The smartblock control is equipped with additional functions that allow to control and monitor entire plants. The following additional functions are optionally available:

Gasometer management
Heat storage management for economical and efficient CHP operation
Own power demand control
Emergency power function in case of power failure
Remote maintenance to optimize runtimes
Bus connection and communication module