Closing the winter power gap sustainably with a CHP unit

In November 2019, a smartblock33 combined heat and power unit was commissioned at a biogas plant in Kirchberg.
Within just under one year, more than 200,000 kWh of electrical energy have already been sustainably produced by this CHP unit and fed into the grid. During this time, the plant was operated with a high degree of reliability for just over 6600 hours. A large part of the operating hours was also during the "cold season". The centrally produced electrical energy thus contributes to a reduction of the often unsustainable electricity imports necessary in winter.

The majority of the heat energy generated can also be fed directly into the network of the connected heat network. It is used to heat several surrounding single-family homes, the yard, and the fermenter required for gas production.

The combined heat and power plant is operated 100% with biogas, which is produced entirely in the farm's own fermenter. The raw materials are mainly made up of biomass from the day-to-day business. Through this use, fossil fuels otherwise produced are substituted in a CO2 neutral way.

42technology AG supported the project with planning and delivery as well as commissioning.
This in the area of CHP, the heating connection and the gas storage control.
Furthermore, the maintenance of the plant is also carried out by 42t.