CHP Cogeneration

ELECTRICITY and HEAT from one source

smartblock cogeneration units

smartblock cogeneration (cogen) units range from 7.5 to 75kW electrical power. This wide spectrum provides many opportunities for the application in multi-party residential buidlings, all the way to wellness resorts, or for community installations such as indoor swimming pools or commercial and industrial premises. All units are available to run in island mode to provide power in case of mains fail situations.


  • High efficiency through optimal condensation
  • Low exhaust emissions through the integrated 3-way catalytic converter with lambda control
  • Highest efficiency class A ++
  • Safe CHP operation thanks to comprehensive motor, generator and network monitoring     
  • Quiet as a washing machine
  • Low and simple maintenance with long maintenance intervals

Reliable and quiet

The coupling of heat and electricity production is a well-known technology, but the quality and reliability of a CHP depends on many construction and engineering details. A number of solutions, most with patents pending, provide our smartblocks with the perfect performance characteristics regarding efficiency, noise emissions, reliability and maintenance ease.


Lowest emissions

The newly developed GSC* (gas stream combustion) allows a simple conversion of diesel engines to gas. This innovative method using a special pre-chamber technology provides a complete and uniform combustion of the mixture with high thermodynamic efficiency and high knock resistance.

The result is the easy to service smartblock engine. Stable, robust, resilient, highly efficient at lowest emissions.

*The new GSC technology has been registered for patenting and already protected as a trademark.

Commissioning and service of chp cogen units

Our experienced sales team with extensive technical expertise supports our customers and the planner in the profitability analysis, the project-specific design and selection of the perfect smartblock. In addition our staff will provide support in all issues concerning the technical integration, the required applications for authority permits, and the handling of all formalities.

Installing the smartblock in the actual heating room is easy due to its compact construction.

The commissioning and first start-up of the CHP is carried out by our technicians. First the execution of the installation is checked, then the required operating mode is set and the power control adjusted. Also, during a trial run some of the safety functions are checked. Because every smartblock is inspected and tested extensively at the factory, only some elementary and basic safety functions need to be checked, such as the grid monitor and emergency stop chain. Finally, the customer or operator is given extensive instructioons on the operation of the smartblock.