smartblock power plant

The new turnkey power plant

With the smartblock powerplant, you will experience a completely new way to install your CHP on-site.     

  • A ready-to-use energy center from a single source     
  • Perfectly coordinated components   
  • Minimal planning and structural costs     
  • Smallest construction work on site     
  • Easy connection to complex systems in existing and old buildings     
  • With integrated charging station for electric cars available

Starting from the average size of 6m length, 3m width and 3m height, the size of the energy center can be flexibly adapted to the required equipment.

Minimum sound emissions

Standard noise protection doors as well as intake and exhaust sound mufflers in combination with optimized exhaust silencers are also integrated for the installation even in sensitive residential areas.


Equipped with the smartblock sizes 7.5 to 75, objects can be supplied from 150,000 to 2,000,000 kWh of annual heat demand.

Hydraulics and gas connections

The simple and fast hydraulic and gas connection is easy to carry out through prefabricated inlets.

Rugged & Durable

The energy center as a concrete space finished cell is designed as standard for maximum snow loads or load bearing constructions up to 500 kg / m2.

Charging base and e-mobility

The direct loading option of e-mobiles with an optional wall box is provided for an installation near the parking lot - My charging station is called smartblock.