Genset control systems

The complexity of modern control panels for generating sets, co-generation and even hybrid systems is increasing constantly, even at a reduced cost. Our answer are highly integrated control systems with CAN distributed intelligence and full remote control capability. We design your system with our experience!

Our control solutions feature:

  • Control equipment for prime power, parallel, co-gen and hybrid applications
  • Simple configuration with powerful integrated PLC for demanding applications
  • Power and load management, PF control, import/export, peak lopping features
  • CAN interface for all commonly known engine management systems
  • Compliance to all major grid codes used in Europe certified by authorities
  • Production standards according to ISO9001, EN61439 1-3, UL 508A / CSA
  • SCADA and remote control software packages with state of the art security tools

What are your benefits?

Optimised switchboard design for low and medium voltage applications including all software and SCADA packages at attractive pricing from one supplier. Try us!