Standby / emergency power

We don't need emergency power, do we? It's a fact, that even regions such as Zurich suffered 3 major mains fail situations in recent years. Switzerland and Western-Europe are known for a stable public grid but mains fail situations can occur anywhere and anytime due to construction work, thunder storms, technical defects, animals (among birds and mouses) or instabilities in the public grid. Most of these failures claim high consequential damages, if not backed up by a standby (emergency) power systemes.

42technology offers diesel standby power solutions for hospital, banks, public buildings as well as emergency power solutions for private installations using cogeneration units and battery storage systems. Ask our expertise for your tailored emergency power solution.

42technology is specialized in design of complex stand-by systems for banks, hospitals and insurance companies. We advise our end customers and contractors for the most feasible solution within their budget and cover applications with multiple mains, multiple generators and load shedding demands. We cover international standards and speak your language!