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Electricity storage facilities balance demand and supply in the electricity supply, thus helping to prevent major investments in the infrastructure of the electricity grid. Self-generated energy can be sold at times when it is most profitable and autonomous power grids based on solar or wind energy become possible. Our high-performance power storage facilities are used by grid operators, power producers, industrial companies and control energy service providers. The storage units are ready for connection, load-tested and comply with current standards.

New possibilities with electricity storage systems

The electricity storage system offers an ideal opportunity to supply or store electricity to the grid on demand and is the ideal storage system in the control energy market with short call times. In island grids or limited supply lines, the power storage system saves significant investments in power grids and lines. They also enable autonomous power grids in combination with solar and/or wind energy.

Stromspeicher für Industrie und Gewerbe
Stromspeicher für Wohnanlagen

Industrial Plug & Play energy storage system

The power storage unit is supplied as a standardized plug & play unit. It is manufactured in Holland. The accumulators are pre-configured and tested in the factory. This guarantees minimal on-site effort and immediate operation. With experience in the field of storage and known thought leadership in the realisation of network connections, we offer a complete turnkey offer for battery storage.

Technology of the future

The storage of electricity will play an important role in the electricity grid of the future. It is necessary to balance electricity production and consumption and to stabilise the grid, as electricity is increasingly generated locally and the number of electric vehicles is increasing. Electricity storage systems are already being used today to reduce the risk of fluctuating availability of renewable energy sources.

Storage Made in Europe

Established development team with extensive experience in inverters, batteries, management software and supporting grid solutions.

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