Secure power and heat supply

...thanks to storable liquid gas

Switzerland wants to become more independent in terms of imported energy, especially from Russian natural gas. To this end, the Federal Council recently discussed possible supplies of "Liquid Petroleum Gas", abbreviated LPG, with other countries.

The fuel liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a mixture of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10), has been known in Switzerland for some time. The storable fuel in liquid form is ideal for supplying energy to buildings and real estate. Its environmental compatibility is significantly better than that of conventional diesel oil in terms of particulate matter andCO2 emissions. Especially for the operation of combined heat and power units in the mini CHP range up to 75kW electrical power, natural gas gensets can be run on LPG without major technical adjustments. With larger engines, greatly reduced performance must be expected due to the low methane number (the engine tends to "knock"). The exhaust emission regulations can be met without any problems thanks to the standard exhaust gas aftertreatment with 3-way catalytic converter.

Gas network

Easy installation of the tank systems

Whether in the ground or above ground, a liquid gas tank system can be installed easily and safely. The guidelines of the responsible associations and institutions (SVGW, SUVA and VKF) for the construction and installation of standardized tank systems are generally available. Detailed installation and operating instructions guarantee easy handling of the liquid gas fuel. You can find further information at

Liquid gas

Technical data liquid gas

Designation LPG

Calorific value (Hu) 12.87 kWh/kg

Calorific value (Ho) 14.00 kWh/kg

Density liquid 0.506 kg/ltr

Standard pressure up to 15.5 bar (in tank)

The liquid gas mini CHP from KW Energie

With the mini CHP unit smartblock© LPG, KW Energie GmbH from Freystadt presents CHP units in the power class up to 75 kW that can be operated with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Thus the KW energy is some of the few BHKW manufacturers, who manufacture liquid gas BHKW from 7,5 to 75 kW electrical achievement. The development of the new smartblock© LPG incorporates the experience gained from several hundred installed LPG CHP units in all power classes.

Of course, the LPG smartblock© LPG also has the typical smartblock performance features such as water-cooled generator for highly efficient operation, exhaust gas condensation heat exchanger, permanent oil control, extended service intervals, early fault detection via remote monitoring, etc. Unrivaled in LPG operation are the high electrical and thermal efficiencies of over 33.9% and 71.8%, respectively. This means an overall efficiency in relation to the lower calorific value of 105.7%. The module also sets a new standard in noise emission. With a sound pressure level of only 54.7 dB(A), the mini CHP is barely louder than a commercial washing machine.


Secure power and heat supply in the event of a total failure of the energy systems

In the future, the energy supply with storable fuel will increasingly play a role. Electricity is scarce in winter, especially in Switzerland, and will have to be imported on a massive scale in the future. Natural gas involves an increased political risk due to the current situation. Mini CHP units with liquid gas from 42technology, equipped with a synchronous generator, can ensure the energy supply of a building in isolated operation in the event of a total "blackout" (failure of electricity and gas). The smartblock© MINI-BHKW has the option (grid replacement operation) as standard to be able to supply vital consumers with emergency power in the event of a grid failure.

Applications and economy

The use of mini CHP units with liquefied gas makes particular sense where storable fuel is required for safety reasons. In addition to this aspect, the CHP units are predestined for use in hotels, seminar centers and commercial enterprises in rural or mountainous regions for the supply of electricity and heat. Due to the expected increase in electricity prices, the economic efficiency of these energy supply systems will greatly improve in the future.

Consulting - Support - Service

Our experienced and technically skilled team supports and accompanies our customers in the economic analysis, the project-specific design and selection of the appropriate smartblock. In addition, we offer support in all questions regarding technical integration, the necessary registrations, and the completion of formalities.

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