Global flows of goods and the current supply situation

Delay - Delay - Unplanned costs

The global flow of goods and thus the availability of components and materials does not run smoothly. Delays or unknown delivery dates are the order of the day. This has a disruptive effect on project processes and deadlines. Delays and unplanned costs are the result.

Our protective devices are DELIVERABLE!

The exceptional market situation was recognised early on at Arcteq. Enormous efforts were necessary to ensure the ability to deliver and were successfully implemented. This foresight is paying off. Our innovative protection devices are available with the shortest delivery times!

With our equipment, you get the boost you need for all your projects!

Arcteq - made in Finland

Arcteq's top protection devices are produced entirely in Finland. Critical components are sufficiently stocked to guarantee the short delivery times. Based in Vaasa, Finland, Arcteq is known for producing the most accurate protection devices in the world. Arcteq is also a pioneer and technology leader in the field of arc fault protection.

Advice - Solutions - Questions

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to introduce you to the range of protection devices and help you find a suitable solution for your individual task.

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Managing Director

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