GOOSE protocol for fast transmission

GOOSE in aviation

GOOSE in aviation

Of course, GOOSE is not used to enable internal communication in aircraft. However, a very similar technology is used. Two main technologies are used in the Airbus A380, currently the world's largest commercial passenger aircraft:

ARINC 429 is a proven but old system. To exchange information, all components must be interconnected with signal cables. This is similar to the signal wiring in protection systems where GOOSE is not used.
With the newer AFDX technology, the exchange of information between the various components is simplified and improved, and the data flow rate is increased. If a new component is to be integrated into the network, only the AFDX switch configuration table needs to be adapted. New cables can be dispensed with - an enormous advantage in aircraft construction.
Despite different application examples, the technologies used are basically very similar.

In aviation as well as in protection, reliability and high standards are in demand.

GOOSE for fast data transmission

GOOSE protocol for fast transmission with high signal quality

The GOOSE network protocol sets new standards in communication between devices. GOOSE stands for Generic Object Oriented Substation Event. The network protocol can replace conventional wire connections between field devices. Surprisingly, the transmission of signals via GOOSE even works a lot faster and offers built-in wire monitoring with the signal quality. GOOSE is based on the IEC 61850 standard and can be used for interlocking across plants, among other applications. Signal changes can be made quickly and without new wiring thanks to GOOSE. GOOSE also enables the switching of setting groups, the blocking of protective functions or the transfer of switch positions and measured values.

The whole thing quickly and monitored means GOOSE.

Switching to Arcteq protection devices

Switch to Arqtec protection devices

Arqtec is one of the leading manufacturers for protection relays for medium and high voltage. We make it easy for you to switch from your current protection devices and support you in all phases of the changeover. This way, you can implement your project plans successfully and on time with Arqtec protection devices!

Programming logic functions

By programming comprehensive logic functions, plants can be simplified significantly. The entire logic in the device is processed by the super-fast CPU within 5 ms. Many options are available. For example, logic outputs can be linked with digital inputs and outputs, providing elegant and clear functions. It is important that the programming is traceable and understandable. This also simplifies maintainability. Thanks to the deterministic behavior of the logic, it is also possible to build your own protection functions and control them through an I/O matrix.

Arcteq Mimic Display

MIMIK display in color

The MIMIK display takes the presentation of measured values and outputs to a new level. It enables a graphically appealing display of images, diagrams and other data. Measured values can be freely displayed here. Several switchable screens are available for the display. Depending on the switching status, users receive dynamic operator instructions and messages. The busbar can also be visualized in an easily accessible way by means of topological coloring. All factors that increase safety during operation and significantly simplify and improve your applications.

Protection devices for medium and high voltage applications

With the Aqtivate software you have the devices under control

The operation of all your Arqtec devices is made easy by the Aqtivate software. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that can be used to control the configuration of new devices as well as tests and maintenance of existing devices. Signals and functions are linked by a clear signal matrix, which also facilitates the analysis and maintenance of device configurations. Data transmission to the control system is also comprehensively enabled thanks to effective tools for configuring and diagnosing the various bus protocols.

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