Netcon 200 - the intelligent RTU

... protects the whole wards

The Netcon 200 elegantly combines protection, communication, monitoring and control of secondary stations. It is an intelligent RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) of the next generation. Standard communication protocols and open interfaces make it particularly easy to integrate into existing structures. Thanks to its compact and modular design, the Netcon 200 can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to any substation. The features of the Netcon 200 include:

  • Remote control
  • Protection
  • Power Quality
  • Disturbance recorder
  • Fault Locator (Fault Locator)
  • Central configuration and management

The Netcon 200 is the top solution for the protection and automation of secondary stations.

Protective functions

Overcurrent 50/51
Directed overcurrent 67
Earth fault 50N/51N
Directed earth fault 67Ns
Transient earth fault 67INT
Reconnection 79


Differential protection 87L

The latest gem from Arcteq is the 87L line differential protection. As usual for Arcteq, the new product from the Finnish protection forge is packed to the top with revised functions and innovations. The company is thus continuing to drive the protection revolution forward. The next golden Meilenstein in the product pipeline is the distance protector.


"After building the most accurate protection device in the world, we couldn't just develop another distance protection device. This was simply not good enough for us!"

Tero Virtala, Arcteq

Powertage 2022 Hall 5, Stand C9

The countdown is on. In a few days, the long-awaited Power Days will take place. Take the opportunity and get the latest first-hand information - directly at our inviting stand. You will find us in Hall 5, Stand C9. We look forward to entering into a dialogue with them and presenting the most interesting innovations to you.

Arc fault

Arc faults in switchgear with high short-circuit currents can cause explosive pressure waves and thus have devastating effects on people and machinery. In the event of a fault, Arcteq's sophisticated protection system releases within a few milliseconds to protect people and limit the damage to the system. This makes them an indispensable safety mechanism that saves a lot of suffering and money in the event of damage.


How it works

Active arc fault protection systems detect the arc and trip the higher-level circuit breaker in the event of a fault. Usually, the simultaneous occurrence of an arc fault together with overcurrent is used as a trigger criterion for a protective trip. The whole process takes place within a few milliseconds. The faster the current flow is interrupted, the more damage is ultimately caused. In addition, the energy flow can be diverted with a quenching device (quencher) to extinguish the arc.

The AQ-1000 extinguishing unit is the world's the onlyworld's only system in the world that can be used after it has been triggered.

Conventional systems cannot be fully tested and must be completely replaced after a trip (periodic protection test).

Arcteq is the pioneer and technology leader in arc fault protection. The design and production of these high-tech products is 100% carried out in Finland.

The 42technology Protection Pioneer

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