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Protection: pioneers of aviation


Above all, the pioneers of aviation needed a lot of courage to realize their dream of flying, because the flying machines were anything but sophisticated. Many ideas and designs were quite adventurous and often led to setbacks in the form of crashes. Otto Lilienthal was the first to successfully glide through the air with such a self-built flying machine.

Protection: pioneers of aviation

But what does that have to do with protection?

His flying machines were essentially based on observations in nature, such as the flight of birds, which he then put into practice after numerous calculations. Despite successful flight attempts, he was not spared a crash that unfortunately cost him his life.

But what does this have to do with protection technology? In aviation as in protection applications, safety and reliability are among the most important components.

Arcteq innovations in protection

Arcteq - Pioneers for protective devices

Arcteq is known for manufacturing the most accurate protection devices and is a pioneer in the field of arc fault protection. The headquarters and production are located in Vaasa, Finland.

Industry leading support

Industry-leading support and service

Since 2015, 42technology has been distributing Arcteq products in Switzerland.

Over the past ten years, Arcteq products have been installed all over the world. In addition to high quality products, Arcteq and 42technology are committed to providing your customers with industry-leading support and service.

World champion: most accurate protection devices in the world

The world champion of accuracy

The patented input circuit of the Arcteq protection devices delivers the highest accuracy and makes the devices world champions. The precision paired with powerful protection functions provides a good platform for demanding protection applications.

The comprehensive range of devices delivers protection at the highest level. The patented input circuit of the Arcteq protection devices enables frequency-independent measurement with unprecedented resolution and detail over the measurement range of 6-75Hz. and protection in one device becomes possible.

Protection with added value

Protective function with added value

Arcteq's experienced developers of protection algorithms continue to set new standards. Many of the novel functions and enhancements are patented and offer innovation at the highest level.

Error analysis

Superior error analysis

Data acquisition and fault analysis are becoming increasingly important. The high resolution of 64 samples/cycles enables superior fault analysis with detection of transients up to the 31st harmonic (THD). Up to 100 fault records of up to 10 seconds each can be reliably captured and stored.

Changeover intuitive, quick and easy

The free AQtivate 200 software saves valuable development time with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The changeover to Arcteq protection devices is simple and can be accomplished without any problems. We accompany you in the process.

Technology leader in arc fault protection

Arc fault protection

Arc faults are short circuits that cause major damage to electrical installations. The effects of arc faults on people and machines are devastating in installations with high short-circuit current. Therefore, the use of an active protection system is worthwhile. Arcteq's active arc fault protection system is technologically leading and offers innovative new features. Read more in our spring 2022 protection newsletter.

The protection pioneer

The 42technology Protection Pioneer

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