Switching from SICAM® 230 to zenon offers advantages

The core system of the SICAM 230 is the zenon SCADA software from CopaData. Existing projects can be migrated when switching from SICAM® 230 to zenon. SICAM® 230 uses the zenon engineering environment. Engineers who are familiar with the engineering environment of SICAM® 230 can continue to use their know-how 1:1. By switching to zenon, we offer a safe alternative to lead existing projects into the future.


  • Secure and future-proof investment 
  • Simple changeover
  • Familiar environment can continue to be used
  • No technical risks
  • Existing data is not lost


As a registered partner of CopaData, we support you in the migration of your projects.

SICAM 230 und zenon Energy Eddition

Minimal risk when switching to zenon

When changing from SICAM® 230 to zenon there are almost no technical risks, as zenon is the core system of SICAM® 230. Since the same technology is still being used, there are no economic risks and a re-certification of the plants is not necessary. Furthermore, data archived by SICAM® 230 is not lost. Existing archives, event lists or historical alarms can be transferred without conversion.

SICAM® is a registered trademark of Siemens AG or its associated companies.