With zenon we can visualize, control and optimize your complex facilities. zenon provides maximum security and optimal connectivity to existing machine environments. Since 20 years zenon is one of the leading SCADA systems in the market with more than 80'000 installations around the world.

zenon Supervisor

Product features

  • Best in class usability
  • More than 300 native communication drivers
  • Redundancy features that rock
  • Map zooming and de-cluttering
  • Multi-touch gesture enabled
  • GIS-enabled
  • Substation and network level
  • Supporting most recent standards and requirements in the energy industry (IEC-61850, ISO50001, FDA and others)

zenon supervisor and zenon energy eddition

Winning advantage with outstanding usability, best ergonomics and excellent performance. Full visualization and control of complex equipment with a connection to SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics.

SCADA systems increasingly ensure more flexible processes, take the strain of users, take on more and more routine tasks in an automated manner, "think" along with the task and increase the quality of the industrial workplaces of automotive engineering and machine building through to pharma and F&B to energy and building services.

Our services

  • SCADA systen layout and design
  • Communication and security design
  • SCADA system engineering according to your needs
  • Conversions of existing systems
  • On site commissioning
  • Service and support

Your Benefits

  • Ensures robust and stable running projects
  • Perfect usability supports users
  • Simple and efficient maintenance
  • Flexible and efficient integration