Emergency power with battery storage

Battery storage as emergency power system guarantees uninterrupted power supply

In view of the current Russia-Ukraine conflict and the upcoming energy transition, companies in particular are concerned about the consequences of a power outage. In the event of a power outage, it is essential for business and industry to be able to fall back on a secure backup power supply.

Many companies are unaware of how serious the consequences of a prolonged blackout can be: Screens go black, the telephone comes to a standstill, servers and machines shut down uncontrollably, which can lead to serious damage that is expensive to pay for. In other words: nothing works anymore. The economic consequences are incalculable: customers cannot be reached, invoices cannot be written, orders remain unfilled, backup systems fail and much more. For one company or another, an interruption in the power supply can threaten the very existence of the business. It's good if you can fall back on emergency power in this case.

If one weighs oneself on the safe side in view of an existing photovoltaic system, this is a fallacy. In the event of a power failure - contrary to general expectations - even a "normal" photovoltaic system will not function for the duration of the power failure. Because this also requires a smoothly functioning power grid. If there is a possibility to take up a grid backup operation, the self-generated solar power can continue to be used even in the event of a grid failure of the public power supplier.

An emergency power system guarantees the continued operation of the most important components

Every time there is a mains failure, there is an interruption until the emergency power system has taken over without any gaps, i.e. the power supply is available in the necessary quality. But for many users, especially critical infrastructure such as hospitals, it is essential that there is no interruption in the power supply between the transition from normal network operation to network backup operation.

42technology is a proven specialist in emergency power systems, which can be used to immediately start backup power operations in the event of a power failure and ensure an uninterrupted power supply. But what exactly is an emergency power system? In the event of a power failure or poor power quality, it immediately steps in and sets up a so-called stand-alone operation. In this way, it supplies the most important components partially or completely with power and operations can continue unhindered.

Emergency power system with battery storage

An emergency power system with battery storage is a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and economically attractive solution for ensuring the power supply in the event of a utility grid failure. It produces no exhaust fumes, is extremely quiet and, unlike fossil-fueled generators, does not need to be refueled. At the same time, it requires little maintenance, can be easily expanded if necessary, and offers future-proofing. Operating costs are low and approval procedures simple. An emergency power system with battery storage is a perfect solution for maintaining uninterrupted power supply. Installation by us can be done quickly and easily.

Battery storage

Sustainability is also a top priority

In general, the service life of batteries for an emergency power system with battery storage depends on various parameters, such as charging and discharging cycles or environmental conditions. For the batteries installed by us, the manufacturer usually guarantees a service life of ten years or 5000 cycles. If fewer cycles are used, such a system can be operated for 20 years or longer.

We tailor our storage solutions for uninterruptible power supply in your company to the scenario you require. Our systems cover a wide spectrum. As the proven experts in emergency power supply, we look back on years of experience. We are the partner of choice for both small commercial users and large critical infrastructure facilities such as hospitals or data centers.

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