Setting and configuration software suite for AQ 200 series products

  • IED setting and configuration
  • User level password protection
  • On-line function
  • Off-line function
  • Upload and download of data
  • Connection through Ethernet front or rear port
Technical Data
AQtivate 200 software tool is a program for setting and making configurations for Arcteq AQ-200 series protection and control IEDs.
Program uses a modern graphical interface for user-friendly configuration creation.
AQtivate can be used for both reading configurations and writing them to the device.
AQtivate is also used for reading disturbance recordings from the device and recordings can be further evaluated using AQviewer program which is included in AQtivate 200 software suite as well.
Relay settings are stored as a single “aqs” file which includes all the user settable configurations. These aqs files can be saved and stored on a hard drive. Both off-line and on-line edit of IED configurations is possible.
AQtivate 200 software is downloadable in Arcteq Relays website free of charge