AQ-110PLV Arc Point Sensor Unit with Overcurrent

AQ-110PLV is a sophisticated microprocessor-based arc flash protection unit with combined current and arc sensing. When the AQ-110PLV detects an overcurrent in the incoming feeder and a light signal from a sub unit or a direct light sensor, it minimizes the damage caused by an arc fault (arc flash) by tripping the circuit breaker sourcig the fault current. The AQ-110PLV complete system self-supervision function provides the highest level of dependability by continuously monitoring all internal system functions along with external connections.

50ARC Overcurrent
50NARC Earth fault
Light L>
Light and Pressure L>/P>
Circuit Breaker Failure Protection 50BF
Trip time using mechanical trip relays 7 ms
Reset time (arc light stage) 2 ms
Protection operational after power up 88 ms