AQ-F201 Overcurrent and Earth-Fault Relay

The AQ-F201 offers a compact solution for any application requiring non-directional overcurrent and earth-fault protection. Selection of supportive functions for protection, measurement, monitoring, control and communication along with large programmable HMI guarantee the best in class price performance ratio for basic range of relays.


  • Basic range
  • Price performance ratio
Three-phase overcurrent, 3 stages INST, DT or IDMT (50/51)
Earth-fault (sensitive), 3 stages INST, DT or IDMT (50/51N)
Harmonic overcurrent / inrush blocking, 1 stage INST, DT or IDMT (50/51H, 68)
Current unbalance / broken conductor, 1 stage INST, DT or IDMT (46/46R/46L)
High impedance restricted earth fault (87N)
Breaker failure protection (50BF,52BF)