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Technical reports on protection in medium-voltage and high-voltage applications

GOOSE protocol for fast transmission

Of course, GOOSE is not used to enable internal communication in aircraft. However, a very similar technology is used. In the Airbus A380, currently the largest commercial passenger aircraft in the world, two main technologies are used: ARINC 429 and Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX) ARINC 429 is a proven but old system. In order to exchange information
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Thursday September 8, 2022

Netcon 200 - the intelligent RTU

The Netcon 200 elegantly combines protection, communication, monitoring and control of secondary stations. It is an intelligent RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) of the next generation. Standard communication protocols and open interfaces make it particularly easy to integrate into existing structures. Thanks to its compact and modular design, the Netcon 200 can be quickly and inexpensively
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Friday June 10, 2022

Global flows of goods and the current supply situation

The global flow of goods and thus the availability of components and materials does not run smoothly. Delays or unknown delivery dates are the order of the day. This has a disruptive effect on project processes and deadlines. Delays and unplanned costs are the result. The exceptional market situation was recognized early on at Arcteq. Enormous efforts were necessary to ensure the ability to supply and
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Monday February 14, 2022

Pioneers protection
Protection for medium and high voltage

Above all, the pioneers of aviation needed a lot of courage to realize their dream of flying, because the flying machines were anything but sophisticated. Many ideas and designs were quite adventurous and often led to setbacks in the form of crashes. Otto Lilienthal was the first to successfully fly through the air with such a self-built aircraft.
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Monday November 1, 2021