Technical Reports Electricity Storage

Technical reports on electricity storage systems relating to the storage of electrical energy, optimization of own demand and peak load capping.

Electricity storage around 1902
Peak load capping with electricity storage around 1902

Between 1902 and 1929, an electricity storage system was used to operate the Bremgarten Dietikon Railway. At that time, the railroad drew energy from the Bruggmühle hydroelectric power station. In the winter months, the water level of the Reuss was often too low for sufficient power production. During the night, the 123Ah 1C storage tank was charged in order to power the railroad during the day via the
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Saturday December 3, 2022

Peak shaving with neoom power storage
Self-consumption optimization with peak shaving

Many companies are struggling with the constantly rising cost factor of electricity. However, many of them also give away a lot of savings potential because they do not fully exploit the possibilities of intelligent self-consumption optimization with peak shaving (peak load capping with battery storage). Optimize your power consumption with Peak Shaving If your company is active in the manufacturing industry, your power consumption probably reaches peak values then,
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Friday November 11, 2022

Emergency power with battery storage

In view of the current Russia-Ukraine conflict and the upcoming energy transition, companies in particular are concerned about the consequences of a power outage. In the event of a power outage, it is essential for business and industry to be able to fall back on a secure backup power supply. Many companies are not aware of how serious the consequences of a prolonged blackout could be.
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Tuesday October 25, 2022

Own power CHP Power storage
Independence through own power

Independence. Sustainability. Cost-effectiveness. Storing electricity. Are these values important to you? Then give us a call. We have the solution and will support you in planning, implementation and commissioning. With a service plan tailored to your needs, we ensure that the system always runs smoothly. Data sheet self-sufficient power supply
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Sunday July 25, 2021

Power storage: On the safe side with the right battery technology

Not all electricity storage systems are the same. The installed battery technology varies and so does the safety of battery storage. We untangle the threads and describe here the different battery technologies and their associated advantages and disadvantages. Safety always comes first. Because if it doesn't, the consequences can be devastating: Even battery storage can, in a worst-case scenario
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Sunday January 10, 2021

Closing the winter power gap sustainably with a CHP unit

In November 2019, a smartblock33 combined heat and power unit was commissioned at a biogas plant in Kirchberg. Within just under one year, more than 200,000 kWh of electrical energy have already been sustainably produced by this CHP unit and fed into the grid. During this time, the plant has been operated with a high degree of reliability for just over 6600
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Tuesday November 24, 2020